Meetings and Conventions Calgary

Convention, meeting and incentive travel that’s easy to plan and hard to forget

Calgary is a sparkling cosmopolitan city with a reputation for warm, Western welcomes. It’s a bustling business centre that's also full of exciting opportunities to play.

Along with our famous hospitality, our visitors enjoy uncompromised convenience and a meeting experience they'll remember for a lifetime. There are venues in Calgary perfect for accommodating tech-savvy, flawless meetings, conventions, tradeshows, exhibitions and conferences of all sizes. No matter what you’re planning, Calgary has an event venue to suit.

In addition to these venues, Calgary offers a range of comfortable hotels, incredible restaurants and unique activities. We think it’s the perfect mix. A little bit country. A little bit Rocky Mountain. A lot of flexibility. It’s Calgary.

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The Connection Centre

We’re in the business of welcoming the world to Calgary. It’s more than a matter of tourism and civic pride. It’s also a powerful and effective way to showcase the city’s intellectual capital and to introduce visitors to the benefits of working, living and investing in our city.

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