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Mar 9, 2016

Staff Announcement Sandra Moniz named MPI Toronto President Elect

Staff Announcement Sandra Moniz named MPI Toronto’s President Elect

Meetings + Conventions Calgary (MCC) is proud to announce Sandra Moniz as MPI Toronto Chapter’s President Elect. A leader in the industry, Moniz is an integral part of Team Calgary with over 3 years as MCC’s Business Development Manager, Eastern Canada/Toronto.

Sandra Moniz’s MPI Involvement:

-       Almost 18 years of MPI membership

-       Served on the MPI Toronto board for 5 years

-       Most recent board position: Vice President

-       Mentor of the Year – 2014

-       Recruiter of the Year - 2003

-       Supplier of  the Year – 2002

“We are pleased to support Sandra as President Elect, MPI Toronto. Sandra’s active role within the Toronto chapter and the MC&IT industry has contributed to her professional profile.”  Heather Lundy, Director of Marketing, Meetings + Conventions Calgary.

Meetings + Conventions Calgary is a partnership between the Calgary Hotel Association and the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre.  It operates as a sales and marketing organization with a mandate to assist meeting planners, corporate clients and association executives interested in Calgary as a prime location for their meetings, conventions and incentive programs.

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