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Be a Calgary Champion with our Ambassador Program, and be part of the energy that makes our city so exhilarating.

Team up with us to promote Calgary as the destination for your organization’s next convention. Meetings + Conventions Calgary will help you put together a winning pitch – and host an event that will impress your colleagues and showcase our city.

As a Champion, you’ll have the full support of Meetings + Conventions Calgary, every step of the way. You’ll work with a professional team. Our experts will help you research, plan and co-ordinate all aspects of your convention—from arranging meeting spaces, venues and accommodations to planning activities and building attendance.

The Champions program is your opportunity to be a driving force in your organization. You’ll play a leading role in attracting and creating a convention that’s a perfect fit for your group. And your ideas and skills will be pivotal in putting together an appealing conference program. Read more.

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Champion Corner

Highlighting Calgary Champion Achievements

Women Chefs and Restaurants Conference
Liana Robberecht

Champion Liana Robberecht and Meetings + Conventions Calgary brought the Women Chefs and Restaurants (WCR) conference to Calgary on October 2, 2015. This was the first time the conference had been hosted in Canada.

The WCR Conference is a passion piece that Robberecht had been lobbying the to come to Calgary for the past 10 years. In spring of 2015 she teamed up MCC to finally make it happen. “It was so incredible how everyone came together to make this happen in our city” says Robberecht.


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