Meetings and Conventions Calgary

Making planning a pleasure

Calgary offers a wide range of event venues and accommodations for gatherings of all sizes. Whether you’re arranging a business meeting, a regional conference or bringing your international convention to Canada, you’ll find it’s a pleasure to plan a meeting in Calgary.

Calgary has an impressive range of meeting rooms, exhibition venues, conference halls and convention centres with facilities able to accommodate groups ranging in capacity. Our accommodation and hotel options include more than 13,000 guestrooms ranging from international brand-name hotels and regional chains to trendy boutique spots, B&Bs and everything in between.

Start Your Search

Our venue and accommodation search tool will help you select the most appropriate location for your meeting or convention.

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Toolbar Icons

Page-specific icons will give you access to additional functionality once you’ve started a search.


Create a list of favorites that is automatically added to your online RFP submission.


Select up to five (5) venues at a time for side-by-side comparisons of location, space and capacities.


Print the results of a filtered search, a comparison list, favorites list or individual meeting property.

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